Dare 2 Dream by Mike Lightner

Dare 2 Dream

Creating A New Learning Model For Achievement


Principle 1: Understanding
Understanding is the first CD that takes you down the road you will travel in these ten principles. Understanding is designed to help you "grow forward" toward your life's vision and purpose.
Principle 2: Honesty
Mike explores the fundamental nature of honesty as a personal attribute.  He shows you how to develop, nurture and maintain your authenticity to bring new clarity and purpose to your life.
Principle 3: Vision
In this vital principle, Mike shows you how your vision begins to reveal itself from within and how it can become a powerful tool to guide and direct you in living a meaningful life.
Principle 4: Persistence
Mike teaches that living your vision minute by minute requires a foundation of persistent action.  In this Principle you will learn how to meet any task with purpose, passion and inspiration. 
Principle 5: Focus
Recognizing that the quality of your life is in direct proportion to your ability to focus, Mike examines how we order our lives, teaching us how to harness the power of concentration to achieve the specific outcomes we desire.
Principle 6: Courage
Courage can be developed!  In this principle you will learn to anticipate the obstacles, fortify yourself with understanding and present yourself, authentically from the heart, through full self-expression. 
Principle 7: Intuition
Learn to recognize and embrace your intuitive capabilities.  As Mike teaches you to open your mind and heart to the sources of this inner power, you will begin to recognize the new opportunities and take control of them in fulfilling your life's purpose.
Principle 8: Leadership
True leadership emerges from a strong internal truth and vision. Mike shows you that by living authentically, you will be able to master the essential attributes of leadership and learn to inspire others and yourself to success.
Principle 9: Faith
"I believe accomplishments are faith in action," Mike begins. In a transforming lesson on faith, Mike demonstrates that giving, creating and contributing are the building blocks upon which your faith will abound to a richer and more fulfilling life.
Principle 10: Giving
In this last Intentional Leaders Success Principle, Mike directs us in understanding that giving is an act of intent, of focus and of reflection.  In learning to give properly you will reach a new level of awareness, in harmony with the world and at your most creative and productive "you".

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