As a world class presentation resource, PresenterMedia provides an unmatched value for presenters and project designers. We're owned and directed by a dedicated group of artists and programmers located in Sioux Falls, SD USA. Over the past 15 years, we have created hundreds of thousands of 3D animations, PowerPoint templates and clipart illustrations for various companies around the world.
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The easiest way to turn your passion into income.

Sell online courses, memberships, and digital downloads. No technical headaches, zero transaction fees, and unlimited everything.

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Amazon strives to have a positive impact on customers, employees, small businesses, the economy, and communities. Amazonians are smart, passionate builders with different backgrounds and goals, who share a common desire to always be learning and inventing on behalf of their customers.
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Think & Grow Rich

For many years now, Paul Martinelli has taught this program to thousands of people from all over the world, but this time it is going to be different. Instead of running the program over many weeks, it has been condensed down into just 16 days.

The essence of each chapter will be revealed in a teaching video - every day for 16 days in a row plus there will be many deep dive sessions.

There is extra-ordinary power in simplicity. This is as simple as Paul can make it without diluting the effectiveness of the magic formula.
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How Successful People Think

A new program that reveals the 11 Thinking Types used by the most successful people. 

John has studied his own thinking and decision-making skills for 40+ years.  

Because of what he’s learned and put into practice, he’s: 

  • Effectively leading six multi-million-dollar businesses.  
  • Trained over 6 million leaders in 192 countries. 
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Create unlimited whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, and even glassboard doodle videos.

Just select a doodle image. Click and drag it to the canvas, and Doodly will automatically draw the image for you. And that’s it. It couldn’t be any easier.
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